December 1, 2011

Three great Guys in #Two Bits

Time for two bits I liked from around the DOC. Both are about great guys and one is written by a great guy making three great guys in two bits.

First up Scott Johnson tells the story of Medtronic's Lane Desborough. Like Scott I met Lane at the Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum and like Scott I was very impressed. Scott does a spectacular job of explaining why.

Today's second bit is me being a few days late: Novo Nordisk has extended sponsorship of Charlie Kimball's ride in Indy Car No.83. I am looking forward to seeing Charlie in the New 2012 Indy Car. Hopefully he will share a little about as he get some time in it.

Here is to Lane, Scott & Charlie. 


  1. That is awesome I am a huge Kimball fan. I keep looking to see if he has a fan website to join. I am a member of Pippa Mann's fan club and she sent me a signed picture. You can join at if you are an indy car fan.

  2. Thanks for the mention Bennet! I swear I could sit and listen to Lane saying smart stuff all day long. And how great is it about Charlie's sponsorship extension! Yay!