January 30, 2012

Nominate @Diabetic_Iz_Me for a Shorty Award #dsma

I am a huge fan of #dsma, the weekly twitter festival of all thing diabetes. (Wednesdays. 9:00 pm eastern time follow the tag #dsma) It is wonderful because Cherise is more wonderful.

You can show a little Love Ya Mean It by nominating Cherise too. 

You can go about it a few different ways:

  • Paste @Diabetic_Iz_Me into the form:http://shortyawards.com/category/socialfitness and ad a reason why you nominated her.
  • Send a tweet like this: I nominate @Diabetic_Iz_Me for a Shorty Award in #socialfitness because of weekly #dsma chat 4 living well w/ diabetes.
  • You can also tweet shorter nominations like this: #shortyawards @Diabetic_Iz_Me #socialfitness she runs #dsma which is my weekly lifeline other diabetics and a variety of topic to live well

The contest wants you to be creative with the reason. A tweet without a reason for the nomination will not be counted. So don't forget that part, OK? We want votes to count.

The rules say a nomination must be relevant to the category. There is an easyone, Cherise is about as relevant to social fitness as is possible. Through #DSMA she helps people living with diabetes live health, fit, spiritual, emotional, rational, and irrational lives with all type of diabetes.

Here part of the category definition:
The #SocialFitness Shorty Award, in partnership with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Health. Join In., honors an individual who helps others to make healthy choices in their lives through their influence on social media. More here.
You can vote for Cherise in as many categories as you want, as often as you want, just make #SocialFitness one of those votes.

Only one nominee and one category per tweet.

ReTweets (RTs) are eligible provided the account and nomination meets all the other requirements.

Voting for Cherise in the same category more than once simply replaces the text of your original vote; it does not count as an additional vote. (Bummer.)

Come on DOC - share the love!


  1. It looks like her Twitter account is gone and I can't figure out why. Anyone have any clues?

  2. i noticed on #dsma chat 4/18 she was using the Twitter handle @SweeterCherise and moderating from @DiabetesSocMed