January 2, 2012

#TwoBits - A List and Lyrical Word @Ninjabetic @DMomBlog

Leighann over at D-Mom has a list of words for 2012. While I am a fan of the last item on her list as the word for diabetes in 2012. I think the one I’ll vote for in the DOC caucus this January is one not in the list but in her introduction, Second. It also is part of teh title of her upcoming book Kids First, Diabetes Second.

Meanwhile George is Looking Somewhere and offers up a lyrical reelection on 2011 and anticipation of 2012. The Ninja is should be the DOC's poet laureate.


  1. LOL, I knew you'd like that last one!

  2. Yeah Leaighann, sometimes I am easy to predict right?