January 27, 2012

#TwoBits - Scare Tactics, Altered Images and Diabetes Ads

Riva Greenburg has a wonderful piece  (first of two pieces) up on the Huffington Post about Agriculture and Health. I found fascinating the idea of linking farm policy and health. I thought the idea that incentives for health based agricultural goal vs demonizing was a fascinating way of approaching the issues. It’s kinda like the idea of positive emotional behavior as motivation vs scare tactics and shame to get individuals to deal with the diet health and relationship in their individual lives. 

Speaking of scare tactics, there is an ad running by NYC that shown an amputee than links diabetes, soda and amputations. In an interesting twist to the scary ad in question - it is photoshopped. Boston.com reports that photo is digitally altered and not of an amputee or even diabetic. The poll in the Boston.com piece is running in favor of the altered ad. Apparently photoshopping images to make models skinny on magazine covers is bad but faking amputations is OK. 

What is your view of digital manipulation to make a point? How about scare tactics - think they work? 
Sysy has a piece up on The Girls’d Guid to Diabetes about scare tactics and this adRiva also has some great words about the campaign in her back issues. 

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  1. I don't think it is a good ad. I am not totally against all scare tactic ads, but I don't like this one.