August 27, 2012

Can Diabetes Parents Talk?

My bet is we can. 


I think the smart money is on: Can they ever shut up? 
We’ll find out starting tonight on DSMA Blog Talk Radio. 9:00 PM Eastern Time and every other week after. Who knows, we may get so good at it we go weekly. 

Tonight I will be Lorraine guest and in a stroke of inconceivable scheduling coincidence Lorraine of  will be mine! We are co-hosting the show and I am honored to be working with her.

As we figure out what we are doing, we will to talk with:
  • Parents of kids with diabetes
  • Parents with diabetes
  • Folks making cool stuff for parenting kids with diabetes
  • Maybe some researchers, school advocates and any one else we can find to chat with us.

Our hope is not to solve the age old question, if Parents Talk radio happens on the internet and nobody is there does it make a sound? Yes, it will be recorded for iTunes. But it will be much more fun with call in guest. 

So Join Us!

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