August 29, 2012

Joshua Levy on Faustman

Joshua Levy writes a blog called Current Research into a Cure of Type-1 Diabetes.

Josh is super smart and articulate. I find his reviews of research to be excellent. They are not light reading. He just published a piece on Dr. Faustman's  phase 1 trial. I strongly encourage those interested in possible cures to subscribe to Josh's RSS feed. Also those interested in this particular research should have a look. I have only started reading it, it looks like it will take me a few re-reads to fully digest his summary of her work.

In the mean time if you are interested in digging in yourself, here is the link:


  1. Thanks very much for mentioning my blog. People who are interested in Dr. Faustman's research should also read the following blog (not mine) from "A Sweet Life" which also covers the same research. It's very interesting to compare the two blogs!

  2. Thanks Josh

    I had not seen that yet. Very interesting in deed. My brain may explode form reading all the smart stuff you and Karmel write but that is a good thing.