August 10, 2012

It's Official if it is on Twitter - DSMA Parents Talk

There it is.

Lorraine and I will be hosting a version of DSMA - Live focusing on parents of children with diabetes. Every other Monday st 9:00 pm on the DSMA blog talk radio channel. While a bit terrifying because I have no idea how to host a radio show, I know connecting with other parents is the only way I have managed to stay sane through our family's diabetes journey. The opportunity to help other is far more important than any petty terrors I may have screwing up an internet radio show. That and Lorraine is cool. We'll be fine.

Lorraine and I are proud to be expanding on the diabetes community services created by DSMA including:


TweetChat (#dsma)
DSMA Blog Carnival
WDD Blue Fridays Initative

DSMA Live en EspaƱol

Thanks to Cherise Shockley of her vision and commitment to acting to help empower, connect, support and educate people living with diabetes. 


  1. COOLIO! I emailed Cherise about an idea like this a couple years ago...very cool to see it come to fruition!!!! If you guys ever need a sub-host/helper/whatever, feel free to let me know!!! I'll put the 27th on my calendar and plan to be there :)

    Rock on!!!!!!

  2. This is SO wonderful! You two will be fantastic!!!

  3. This community continues to impress me. This "expansion" is excellent news.

  4. I love this so much! You guys will be fantastic.

  5. Best of luck.I'll be listening.