October 12, 2012

Little Help? Spouses and Significant Others of Adult T1Ds

From the Behavioral Diabetes Institute: 

Just For PartnersDevelopment of an Online Program to Address Emotional Distress in the Spouses and Partners of Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Help Needed!
WHO WE ARE: A joint project of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (which is run by William H. Polonsky, PHD, CDE) and the Bringing Science Home initiative (directed by Nicole Johnson).
GOAL: We know that sometimes it can be tough and frustrating when you have a partner with type 1 diabetes.  So we are developing the first Web-based program that is designed to help you, the spouse or partner of an adult with type 1 diabetes, to cope more successfully.  In early 2013, this program will be available to partners all over the world at no cost.    
WHAT WE NEED: In this first phase, we are looking for partners/spouses of adults with type 1 diabetes to complete an online questionnaire.  We will use the initial results of this questionnaire to help us understand how partners are struggling and what might be needed to help them.  We will then use these findings to build the tools for the final online program.  
Please note that we will not be asking you for any personal information that will identify you in any way.   The questionnaire is completely anonymous.
WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Anyone who has an adult spouse or partner with type 1 diabetes.  Must be fluent in English.
WHAT WE WANT YOU TO DO: If you are willing to participate, please access our private and secure study website at: http://justforpartners.behavioraldiabetes.org.  The questionnaire will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete. 
WILL THERE BE COMPENSATION: Well, no.  Sorry about that.  But you will have the pleasure of knowing you have helped us move this important project forward and that you will be contributing to a project to help other spouses and partners deal more effectively with type 1 diabetes!

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