February 18, 2013

Following Footprints.

It is easy to see the Diabetes Online Community as something new, a product of technology driven communications. The reality is that the drive to help make life with diabetes better has an inspiring history. At best we are now following in the footprint many of caring leaders.

Joslin, Bating and Best, Davis and many more. Our community lost another such leader this week. Carol Lurie, one of the founders of what is now JDRF, passed away last week. Her power from passion is amazing.

Carol like others leaves big footprints to fill. Looking at a multinational organization like JDRF is daunting. Looking at what each of us can do today, tomorrow, this week to make a difference for other and doing it is easier.

Tom Karla has a wonderful account of working with Carol on his blog. Tom offers a touching account of care that we can all emulate. Go read his blog post and commit to doing something this week. We can follow in the footprints of giants, one step at a time.

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