February 1, 2013

#TwoBits from @diaTribeNews: OmniPod CGM News, SLG2

Our good friends over at diaTribe have a new issues out and it is chock full of good stuff.

It is all great but two items caught my eye:

First interesting new about the path OmniPod is pursuing with CGM. diaTribe reports that the Pod people are working to a a signal integrated pod/cgm patch. Apparently not the Dexcom sensor but no sensor vendor is named. Very interesting and maybe disappointing to some Pod Dexcom users, YDMV.  See diaTribe for details.

Also at diaTribe® is a very good write up of the SLGT-2 drug for T2D from JnJ that will be called Invokana (aka canagliflozin.) The 'Tribe explains what the class of drug is and how it works. As mention in a previous YDMV post, I had the privilege of joining diaTribe editor Kelly Close in commenting to the FDA's at the public hearing on the drug and supporting patient support new and innovative options for T2D care. It is not yet in the market and of course talk with you care team about pros and cons.  Details, including stuff to brush up on before talking with your doc, are available at diaTribe. http://diatribe.us/issues/51/new-now-next/1

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  1. My impression from the Insulet presentation at the J.P. Morgan Conference, was that Insulet felt that going down the road of partnering with Dexcom was time and money that would be better spent elsewhere, noting that even Dexcom plans a future generation that is smartphone compatible (I'm not sure if its bluetooth specific), so the company decided to pursue other avenues. We shall see.

  2. Will be interesting to watch this, indeed... (stay tuned)!