May 7, 2013

Nano System for Smart BG Control

Injectable Nano-Network for Glucose-Mediated Insulin Delivery is the name of a paper in ASC NANO that outlines a possible path to a smart insulin. I hope the particles are smaller than the title. Thte paper is by Zhen Gu, Alex A. Aimetti, Qun Wang,  Tram T. Dang,  Yunlong Zhang, Omid Veiseh,  Hao Cheng,  Robert S. Langer,  and Daniel G. Anderson. 

It is also written up in a NC State University article, the ideas is that nano particle would release insulin the presence of glucose. The tile at NC State is just about as long: Injectable Nano-Network Controls Blood Sugar in Diabetics for Days at a Time. Now that is a title. 

The article goes on to say that mouse tests maintained BG for a more that week with one injection. The NC State piece specifically mentions type 1 diabetes. I am real curious about  T2 as well. Time will tell. 

Anyway this is very exciting stuff and here is a little excerpt about how it all works: 
The new, injectable nano-network is composed of a mixture containing nanoparticles with a solid core of insulin, modified dextran and glucose oxidase enzymes. When the enzymes are exposed to high glucose levels they effectively convert glucose into gluconic acid, which breaks down the modified dextran and releases the insulin. The insulin then brings the glucose levels under control. The gluconic acid and dextran are fully biocompatible and dissolve in the body.

Hop over and read more.

I look forward to reading more. 

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