August 31, 2015

Sanofi and Google Life Science Team Up

Sanofi and Google announced and agreement to work jointly on diabetes projects report Boolmberg and Wall Street Journal report and a press release. 

Sanofi's press release states the two companies will:

- Will work together on new digital technology and tools for diabetes -

- Aim to use data and miniaturized technology to provide patients with more tools to self-manage their disease, healthcare professionals with the ability to better support and treat patients -

- Strive to shift from episodic, event-driven diabetes care to continuous, value-based care

Bloomberg quote Google saying:
“Diabetes is the first disease we’re focusing on as we become an independent company,” Google said in the statement. “We’re announcing a new partnership with Sanofi to move technology out of the lab more quickly and work on better ways for patients and physicians to collect, analyze, and understand all the multiple sources of information that impact diabetes management.”

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