August 15, 2007

Free Drinks have Carbs

Ice Station Cool or what ever it is called in Epcot serves a bunch of strange sodas from around the world in tiny cups. Seeing as we write, we get asked. "Hey how many carbs are those things?"

Didn’t have a clue we figured it was like any generic soda and guessed at it. So I wrote the good people at Coke and this is what they said:

"We show nine Coca-Cola products available at Epcot. Below are the carbohydrate information:

Product Carb amount (per 100ml 3.4 oz)

Beverly 15g

Kinley Lemon 13g

Krest Ginger Ale 9g

Fanta Kolita 14g

Lychee Mello 15g

Lift Apple 11g

Mezzo Mix 11g

Smart Watermelon 13g

Vegitabeta 10g

That Vegitabeta stuff is brutal! If you can slug back 10 carbs worth you are tougher than nails and the USMC is looking for you.