August 3, 2007

An uninvited guest

We have this acquaintance Dee, an uninvited guest.

Dee is not real good about season changes. He gets all flustered and makes people around him nuts. Connor was the victim this time. Dee gave Connor a bad, big headache.

At the start Connor’s blood was OK. But Dee was being his usual pain and aspirin and ice packs don’t help the head and Connor’s BG shot over 400. Enough is enough Connor headed to bed needled by Dee.

About an hour and a half later I turned in and checked Connor on the way. Low.

I gave Connor about 20 uncovered carbs as I fingered a drop in excess of 380 pints in 80 minutes needed a little more in the way of breaks to stop it. No rest for the weary I settled into some late night TV intent on a re-test. Twenty minutes later he was still just low. So a little more juice and turned the basal rate down 50 % for an hour.

Meanwhile Delaney was some how 250.

Nobody invited Dee, the guest who will not leave, what a pain.