August 12, 2007

The year of million (and one) dreams.

The year of million dreams is Disney's latest marketing program. It means Disney is doing “special” stuff. It is an attempt to institutionalized making Magic. They have official prizes and everything.

Well here at ThankShoe we know a little about Magic. Most is made by CMs who just step up and do something non institutional but we are glad making magic is back on the Mouse’s to do list.

Don’t get me wrong I think it is a cool program and would love to stay in the Castle over night but I was a little afraid this means they limit magic to the official program.


One of the things about Type 1 diabetes, (and there’s a ton of them) is it sucks. To be specific at times it sucks the energy right out of the kids. Sometimes when their blood glucose (BG) fluctuates, they feel very weak. Heat, excitement and exercise all gang up and can make BG fluctuate even more.

Disney in July - heat, excitement and lots of walking, Delaney crashed big time in Animal Kingdom. She was spent, didn’t want to take another step. It was early - we had been there about an hour, just off the safari and there was a lot we still wanted to do but it was looking like I was taking her back to the hotel.

We took a rest. Mom asked around about a wheelchair, not walking in the heat would help. She was hoping we could get one the back of the park. Nope - gotta go up front. I headed towards the gate, they chilled and were going to go slow and meet me at the Big Tree.

I got a call about half way to getting up front where Disney rents wheelchairs, come back, they got a wheelchair. It seems the CM Mom asked about a chair took a little initiative and found a wheel chair at the first aid station. She gave it to Delaney.

This was spectacularly simple and exceedingly cool. In doing this she gave Delaney and us the ability to enjoy the day and even screw up some serious courage. You see Delaney is much of a roller coaster kind of a girl. She had been thinking of doing Everest since before it opened but well it is a bit scary. (Think her pondering Everest added to her excitement level and messed with her BG?)

Well after some rest the wheelchair provided, Delaney decided to try Everest. She was shaken but not deterred. For more on roller coasters and diabetes click here.

So a big ThankShoe to Wendy Andrew, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Horticulture, that right a plant person, not first aid, not magic memories, one of the army that keeps AK so green and lush (and humid lol). It wasn’t scripted or institutionalized but Wendy Made Magic.

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