August 30, 2007

Perspective and Pendulum Peril

In response to As Seen on TV – Not Unicoreman said... “I guess you’re a glass half empty kind of person.”

He goes on to write a very good long term perspective that points out a dozen or so test a day are a blessing. That’s an outstanding point.

As for half empty, well on occasions I maybe, reading back I see that in that post. I hope that is not the tenor of the totality of this blog.

My intent was not to see testing as half empty, rather to look at one aspect of what the years of testing have done to me.

Much of life is swinging about a balance. Lord knows trying to find the balance without too much swinging is what diabetes care is about. The point is to can have a life and not just live. I am all in favor of that and I think for the most part am fairly good at it.

I have noticed some stages in diabetes care. Early on I struggled to remember to check blood sugar before disciplining. Guess what? Most of the time they were acting poorly their BG was well out of range. The point of As Seen… was that that pendulum had swung past center and my reactions had become to check blood not to caress the child.

That diabetes driven change in me sucks and I am trying to fix it. This side of diabetes is something I don’t see much conversation on. Well other than at FFL.

For me the big take away from FFL was it is not just a numbers game. It’s a parenting game.