January 29, 2008

From The News Wire: Why JDRF IDDP is a Great Idea

Regular YDMV readers know my interest in JDRF’s IDDP investments. There is an interesting article in Forbes that makes it clear why this is a great program. The article is on it face about the anti-CD3 antibody. It may delay the onset of type 1. Even if it isn’t mentioned by name it clear this is a story all about the investment everyone of us who walks for JDRF makes in the program. We can be proud.

It is a very good article on an interesting path of scientific study. One line from the article makes the need for JDRF’s participation so very clear, “But big drug companies were wary. They didn't see money in drugs that would be taken for only a few days…” A short time drug is tough to build a market for, in this case the delay of full onset, but in the bigger picture the same is true for a cure.

I want to be clear anti CD3 isn’t a cure or the promise of a magic bullet. I think that is still a good thing, incremental progress is still progress and magic bullets are more common in fairy tails than real life. A diversified approach to treatments and hopefully cures seems more likely to find success in a YDMV world.

A number of the companies mentioned in the articles are in IDDP agreements with JDRF including: Biogen, Osiris, Tolerx, MarcoGenics and Genentech.

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