January 14, 2008

Your Google May Vary

One of the fun things about having a web site is seeing where the traffic comes from. I see a few regulars here, I get used to seeing your ISP showing up (you know who you are and I know your at work). I kinda wonder who you regulars are what is it that keeps you coming back, but your here and that's cool. I write to see what will come out, I usually don't know what to expect when I start. I figure you feel the same way. I find it amusing and flattering that you enjoy it enough to come back.

The most fun is seeing the Google searches that end up here. I thought some of you regulars might enjoy some Google searches that have landed folks here ay YDMV in the last few days, so here we go the searches are bold, my two cents follows:

diabetes newbie
Hi, Welcome! Being a newbie to diabetes is tough. I hope you get that you should laugh and I hope the site helps you do that. I know it hard to laugh as a newbie. No you're not going to end up as goofy as I am, I was silly before my kids were diagnosed.

I'm a type 1 diabetic have a hypo every week
Congratulations. A few lows a week means you are aggressively trying to be in range. As long as you can feel the lows, and you are not going real low, you are just fine. If you don't see any lows in a week my bet is your average is too high. That said - YDMV.
Talk to your doctor for real medical advice. Don't trust your health to web pages, particularly mine. I'm a nut case.

Sea World San Antonio employees write a blog
Oh crap, Sea World is tracking me down! I hope it isn't about the letter I sent to Mr. Bud.

Hey Brensdad - love ya man, and your dad too. Here's to both of you and to your health! Cheers.
(I'm toasting with a nice Victory Hop Devil)

Diabetes and the Arabic culture
Dude you are way lost. I barely understand American Culture.

I have a lot of respect for everyone who is working to manage diabetes. I was particularly impressed with the folks who came over from UAE to attend Children With Diabetes, Friends For Life. They came to Florida, out of their care for diabetes management, where they ran smack into a bunch of goofy Americans like me. Talk about a shock.

I found they were wonderful, dedicated, caring people. I hope they found the same about us. Maybe it isn't such a culture shock after all.

What was that song I heard in Orlando? Oh yeah "Its a Small World After All. It a Small World After All It a Small Small World...." (Try getting that song out of your head for the next few days! LOL)

kissing + diabetics
Now it is getting interesting!

This leads to my all time favorite, very specific and not from the same IP address or even same hemisphere as that last one but maybe we need to get you kids together:

if you kiss a guy that has diabetes can you get diabetes

Have fun.
(Let's just keep it at kissing for now shall we?)

Update: So much for kissing, check out DiabetesMine.


  1. Don't tell my wife you can catch diabetes by kissing a diabetic!

  2. because I find your viewpoint, mixed with humor, refreshing and entertaining...oh, and I guess educational! I found you from Children with Diabetes, have explored the Bad Shoes, and check into your blog pretty regularly.