January 21, 2008

A Little (More) Help From Your Friends

We’re Disney World freaks.

One trip about a year after Connor’s diagnosis, Mrs. YDMV organized a private desert party to watch the Epcot fireworks. A bunch of our Disney internet geek friend joined in. A good time was had by all with private unrestricted, no skin to skin contact with the masses, sitting at tables with linens, view of the show.

We got to met face to face our pal with the shooters for the first time. He was wearing a pump and kindly took Connor under his wing and showed him the ins and outs of pumping. It being an ice cream party and Connor being in the 5th grade at the time, the pump seemed like magic.

Load on the toppings.
Dial in the bolus.
Eat as much as you want.

Connor was sold.

So began our process of transitioning to a pump. Learning to pump is hard work. Our deal with Connor was he had to pass Children’s Hospital’s pump written test himself. The test is designed for care givers and we figured he was gonna be his care giver most of the time. They will not write the prescription without someone passing the test. I did the driving and took the test too for good measure but we handed in his for grading.

Connor was motivated to eat free of injected insulin schedules. A big part of that motivation came from talking with a diabetic mentor, someone who showed the way. Someone, other than Mom or Dad, who encouraged, counseled and shared enthusiasm for him to take care of himself.

We are very grateful for that. Our way of saying thanks now is to try to pay it down the line and help others. That why we are on web board, that’s why we blog.

With friends like us – our way of saying thanks that night was to join a lout party in the hotel suite directly below our friend the pump teacher and squirter maker’s. We help keep his family awake. Not that we are all bad. We did take it in off the balcony and quieted down a little when he came out on his porch and complained.

I'm no fool - Realistically in the used syringe arms escalation wars, how far is it to develop poisoned darts from squirters? – all you need are some tail fins and a little balancing!


  1. Thanks for the help. My wife sent me the link and I've been enjoying your writing. My son Joshua is 6, diagnosed july 1. We've been tripping thru the complicated world of T1 for about 6 weeks that seems like a year. Thanks again - I'll keep reading.

  2. Hi Jason.

    Glad you are enjoying the post. Hope you looked over the newbie section.

    Feel free to email me Bennet(at)YDMV(dot)net if I can be of any help.