January 23, 2008

News from Down Under: Surgery and Depression

Diabetes Study Favors Surgery

The New York Time, AP, LA Times, and according to Google 453 other news outlets, report news out of Melbourne, Australia:

Weight-loss surgery works much better than standard medical therapy as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes in obese people, the first study to compare the two approaches has found.

I read few of the 456 articles. They made the distinction between T2 and T1. Whisper down the lane being what it is, I expect type 1 families will be hearing that, in addition to cinnamon, we need to get our kids stomachs banded.

Yet another reason to find another name than diabetes, for type 1.


T1 Blues

If that doesn't get you down this may, far fewer stories were published about a study out of Fremantle Australia calling for more psychological support for young adults with Type 1 diabetes as new research shows that a third report symptoms of depression.


Lots diabetes news that T1 families will end up being defensive about and a little bit about something we need to really be attentive to.

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