April 14, 2008

Love Ya / Mean It

Here is a Voice for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

I am Delaney.

I’m ten.

I’m type 1.

My brother Connor is type 1 too.

And so are millions other Americans.

This is Connor and I with about two weeks worth of our testing supplies. Look at all those sharp thing we poke ourselves with - talk about a pain in the butt - literally. (OK this was before Connor grew a foot)

The blue and pink puck like things are insulin pump infusion sets, IVs. We each stick ourselves with a new one of these things about 200 times a year. That's a lot better than 1,500 shots a year we would be getting without our pumps.

All that is nothing compared to finger sticks. Dad says think of it as only a finger prick. Love Ya, Mean It, Dad, but the dozen or so blood tests we do every day are a pain too. That’s well over 4,000 a year, for each of us.

There is hope. Scientists are working towards a better understanding of Juvenile Diabetes. They believe there can be a cure in our life time.

We are only two kids. Roughly one kid in 500 is type 1. That is a lot of type 1 kids. We all try to be just normal kids but it would be a lot easier with a cure that did away all the
holes poked in us.

I would love cure. So would my brother and the millions of others. So my family will Raise Our Voices for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness.

We would love you to join us.

Love Ya - Mean It! is our theme.

For everyone graciously walking or biking for a cure or what ever you do to support to someone with type 1 - Love Ya - Mean It

To the good folks walking with JDRF - Love Ya - Mean It

All you crazy bloggers out there - Love Ya - Mean It

All you kids and adults with living with type 1 - Love Ya - Mean It


We would love you and your family to join us. It is easy and fun. You can click below to get your very own, very cool, Love Ya / Mean It pin to wear on April 14th and year around.

Inspired by Philly's own LOVE statue, the new pin features a Good Shoe walking to support research to cure Juvenile Diabetes. In addition we are offering a limited number the new "Black is the new Black" BadShoe.com pin.
Proceeds from Pins go directly to our diabetes fund raising efforts.

To order a Pin just click over to our Pin Page at BadShoe.com. There is a limited number of pins so click now. The first LYMI pin sold out quickly, don't miss out. You will be taken to our YDMV shopping cart at Pay Pal. You can also make walk contribution to our JDRF walk with a credit card in our shopping cart in $10 increments.

Click early and often.

Love Ya / Mean It


  1. Your pins are AWESOME. As is the sentiment they embody.

    Thanks for everything you do. :)

  2. You guys are great :)

  3. Those pins are really cute.

    I've only found your site pretty recently and as a former So Cal resident and a current Florida resident have enjoyed exploring your Disney related info.

  4. So technically, you had to love me and mean it four times. It's kind of oogie when I put it that way.

  5. I love the pin and I have ordered one for "the cause". Good luck.
    Kerri's Mom

  6. Hey guys! I am a type 1 diabetic and have been since about 5 years ago, this summer it will be 6. I have a website about type 1 diabetics and how to live with it as a teenager. I read your story and I think it would be great to have you submit it or another story to my website if you would be interested. Here is my website: www.teen-diabetes.com You can go to the testimonies page and all the way at the bottom is a form for you to submit your article. If either of you would be interested, I would be very happy for your story! If you just want to check my website out that's fine too. Thanks again for you story! You guys are great!