April 5, 2008

Sushi $18, Son’s comment, Priceless

Spicy Tuna Roll from the California Grill, Disney World.

I can’t describe this dish.

It was so good I had to order a second one.

Then I personally thanked the sushi chief Yoshi. This is art. She is a national treasure.

We gave her a ThankShoe pin for making a Magic Moment.

Even my “No Way I am Eating Raw Fish” son liked it.

The diabetic son, who loves Sushi said, with no disrespect or sacrilege, “If God were food this is what He would be.”

At that point, you don't even consider carbs.


  1. If God were THAT food I'd be an atheist.

  2. I have to say I agree with Brensdad... yuk Sushi!!

    btw Bennet... tag! see my blog, I've tagged you for a meme.