May 1, 2008

Amy wrote another great blog post.

No shock there right?

Well two actually this one and this other one, not to mention the rest of her blog.

So anyway one of the comments on this other one struck me as particularly interesting. I responded by didn't bother to use actual English. In my defense, I was too excited by the whole conversation.

It was about data.

Oh my lord I am in getting excited about data, I am in fact a total geek! Possibly a Trekkie but then I didn't capitalize 'data.'

Anyway I encourage y'all to go read Amy's latest design challenge. For those of you who are not product designers and who understand databases and stuff (and so are even more of a geek than me, but I mean that in a nice way, honest) maybe you can design data standards for diabetes devices the designers design. After all iPods look cool and work intuitively.

After reading the good stuff at Amy's, my prior blog entries on the subject are:

...and I would like a side order of Holy Grail while I am at it too

Swimming in the Data Stream Looking for the UN.


  1. Hi Bennett,

    Thank you kindly -- from a fellow geek!

    :) AmyT

  2. I'd like to see an XML schema that can record all interesting events (dosing, exercise, eating, types of food attributes (fat,protein,CHO)) related to diabetes, including room for additional events not in the DTD (such as those events that are not too 'standard' yet, such as "stress").

    It seems like years ago, you mentioned this (and even wrote a paper on it?) but it doesn't seem like the manufacturers are listening; perhaps, their developers don't even know the world of diabetes.