May 15, 2008

From the News Wire: Leukophoresis

Phase 1 Study Shows Promising Results In Type 1 Diabetes

Guess what? It works for Mice!


  1. Based on the understanding of T1 diabetes as an autoimmune disorder, and leukocytes being the source of our immune responses in the bloodstream, the concept makes sense. However, I'd think that for a real cure that lasts beyond the life of the average leukocyte, one would need to address the entire lymphatic system...

  2. It works in mice, and it also only seems to work on those recently diagnosed. Those of us who have had Type 1 for years want a cure too, not just the newbies. Why don't studies ever seem to take that into account?

  3. Yeah and here what seems odd Hannah the first guy in the trial, "Cupps was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000."

    That ain't no newbie.

    You're in Blue Bell huh? We're in Bryn Athyn, 10 miles away. Small world.