May 19, 2008

Unrealistic CGM Expectations

Med Student with Diabetes Cautions Against Unrealistic Expectations for Continuous Glucose Systems

Zachariah Kramer a med student, class of 2010, says the media coverage of the value of a CGM without equal reporting to the down side is a problem. “I believe this will lead to unrealistic hopes among diabetics eagerly searching for more effective ways to manage their disease.”

The good some-day-to-be-a doctor however wears a pump and CGM. Some how he understands but we don’t.

Is the message here do as I say not as I do?

The information a CGM provides he says is valuable. I have to wonder if the implication of the articles isn’t that the value is there only because he’s a medical student and we the unwashed masses shouldn’t expect trending information to be valuable because we aren't doctors (or doctors in training.)

Now me, I think it is an unrealistic expectation that the Medical Community, including soon to be newbie doctors, will manage our day to day diabetes care. I am willing to bet that author knows more about diabetes care form ten years of experience practicing type 1 care than from med school. Practice makes perfect, even medical practice.

Are CGMs a panacea, a cure? Heck No. Would the information be valuable for managing basal rates in growing kids? Heck Yeah! (Probably more so than in managing BS in an adult medical student who isn’t going through growth spurts and puberty.)

CGMs have issues. We hold these truths to be self evident. We also know that to secure Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness we, not our physicians are the front line of diabetes care.

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