May 7, 2008

From the News Wire: Novel Combination Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

I haven't had time yet to read this with care - first read is very interesting:

DiaKine Therapeutics and Kinexum Metabolics to Develop Novel Combination Treatment to Type 1 Diabetes

Lisofylline and INGAP Peptide Combo Therapy Set for Phase 2 Clinical

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. & HARPER'S FERRY, W. Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DiaKine Therapeutics, Inc. and Kinexum Metabolics, Inc. today announced an agreement to jointly develop a new combination therapy that has shown, in preclinical studies, to cause type 1 diabetes to go into remission by protecting and promoting the growth of new insulin-producing cells.

A Phase 2 human clinical trial with the new combination therapy, consisting of DiaKine’s Lisofylline (LSF) and Kinexum’s INGAP peptide, is expected to begin in late 2008. The trial will be unique in that patients who are beyond the ‘newly diagnosed’ period will be included in the study. Current trials seeking to treat people with type 1 diabetes do not include those with established disease.

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