July 3, 2008

From the News Wire: Boys with T1 have higher testosterone

Sex hormone-binding globulin and total testosterone were higher in individuals with childhood-onset diabetes compared with siblings without diabetes, according to results of a new study.

Researchers from the University of Chicago enrolled 48 participants diagnosed with diabetes before age 18 and 47 siblings without diabetes into the Chicago Childhood Diabetes Registry Family Study (age range, 10 to 32; 39% non-Hispanic white; 75% type 1 diabetes; 96% treated with insulin).


Maybe there is somthing to calling Dr Freud after all.


  1. This may contribute to the higher incidence of cardiovascular disease among patients with type 1 diabetes, although researchers at UC Davis Medical Center have proven that the cause of cardiovascular inflammation in type 1 is different from type 2 -- in type 1, the inflammation is caused by autoimmunity.

  2. It may also contribute to husbands with diabetes chasing their wives around the bed more often.