July 28, 2008

What Slump?

FFL was great. I was worried about a sophomore slump. I shouldn't have. Even the presentations I choose to see again had new value. I went to see Joe and Paul knowing the rough outlines of what they were going to say and even some of the jokes. The jokes were still funny and what they had to say still reliant.

Not wearing a first timers ribbon I saw from the other side that it challenges me to engage those new people just a little more than others.

We have to come all the way to Florida to hang out with Willie and Patti. That is probably a good thing for Philly. If we got together much more the pandemonium could be potentially catastrophic for the 5 county area. It was great to see Mark, Larry, Theresa, Kerri, Ellen, Sara, Shelby, Manny, Jim, Laura, Monique (congratulations), Natalie, Jeff, Bob and meet Tom, Vincent, Craig & co. and oh so many more.

Friends for Life isn't about diabetes it is about the vast network of people who make living with diabetes possibility.

Much more to say but the kids are waking up and it is time to do vacation stuff.

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