July 13, 2008


I like branding. Who else has a brand like BadShoe for their family? It’s on polo shirts, luggage, messenger bags, pins etc. Given that it seems odd that I hadn’t come up with anything for YDMV.

Kelley, our oldest DD and resident media critic, and I had played around with some ideas but none really took hold. Kelley is pretty good. She made our walk graphics and she did the Disney With Diabetes castle of diabetes stuff for us last year. She didn’t like it but we love it and had fun with it at FFL last year.

She and I played with pumps and meters with YDMV on the display, various font based ideas and a bunch of others.

Yesterday I dusted off a few of the logo attempts and more or less settled on the idea but I was struggling with how to manipulate stuff on the screen. She took about 5 minutes to rebuild the thing.

Anyway we both liked the idea that there is a center line that runs though YDMV. At first you may not see that center line. Like a life with diabetes stuff bounces around it. The lower case d provided better visual balance kind of points out that a d low is a different thing all together.

Kelley left for a month of summer film school at NYU today. We are all very excited for her. The film school at NYU’s Tisch School of Art is her dream. She is up there living her dream.

Miss ya already Kelley – LYMI.


  1. Hi Bennet!
    I ran across your blog linking from one diabetes blog to another and I've added you to my blogroll. I'm still really new to blogging since its only been 3 1/2 months since my daughter's diagnosis. Shes 8yrs old and I'd love to know how I could get her one of the LYMI pins. Shes got a couple pins/buttons from the JDRF walk and shes got them on her backpack that she carries all her diabetes supplies in (we're hoping to be pumping by Jan/Feb!) So if you could let me know how we get one that would be great!