August 26, 2008

From The News Wire: Faustman on TNF

What the heck is TNF? Tumor Necrosis Factor

BOSTON, Aug. 25 -- Laboratory studies of type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune
diseases show that boosting levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) or its
receptor activity selectively destroys autoreactive T cells, suggesting a
possible cure for the diseases, investigators here reported.

Read all about it here: Selective Killing of Autoimmune Cells Suggests Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

Oh and you can listen too. There is an audio clip.

More here:

Oh and More Mice are getting cured:


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  2. Dude.

    An anonymous reply to a two year old post soliciting to a 3rd party way of supporting the lab.


    I am all for supporting research and suggest doing it directly with the lab. Way less sketchy.