August 3, 2008

You're Not Hardcore

Unless you
live hardcore
- Jack Black

School of Rock

If you are used to playing Guitar Hero laying down - then you have to lay down.

They guys from Bayer brought Guitar Hero and two guitars (twice as many as any other vendor!). Connor is hard core so no standing on the little podium thing.

One of the cool thing about FFL is getting the kids involved. In session and with the stuff. Sadly this year the event was so well attended that they had to find other space for the teens, off site. As a result the teens didn't get a lot of time in the exhibit hall.

If I was one of the exhibitors I think that would have irritated me and had me on the organizers for either a refund or a schedule change. This is the demographic that they want to influence but had little shot at.

Well unless they were hard core.

1 comment :

  1. That is an awesome shot!

    Very hardcore!!

    I think with more room next year at Disney it hopefully won't be a problem.