September 19, 2008

From The News Wire: "Of course, years of additional studies"

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Insulin-producing Cells

ScienceDaily (Sep. 18, 2008) — Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine have transformed cells from human skin into cells that produce insulin, the hormone used to treat

The breakthrough may one day lead to new treatments or even a cure for the millions of people affected by the disease, researchers say.

The approach involves reprogramming skin cells into pluripotent stem cells, or cells that can give rise to any other fetal or adult cell type, and then inducing them to differentiate, or transform, into cells that perform a particular function – in this case, secreting insulin.

University of North Carolina School of Medicine (2008, September 18). Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Insulin-producing Cells. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 19, 2008, from

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