September 9, 2008

Ya Wanna Bet?

Silly football bet time here at YDMV.

Gotta go with the guy in the pool:

Yahoo is reporting Braylon Edwards bet Michael Phelps he would score twice as manty TDs as Phelps won golds. Good luck with that.

One more reason to love a good sacking:

AP is carrying the story of Jared Allen.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen is looking to sack more than quarterbacks this season.

Allen has teamed up with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to launch an initiative called "Sack Diabetes." Allen will donate $3,000 for every sack he records to the local JDRF chapter in the city he plays.

That means the Minnesota chapter will get $3,000 for every sack he records in a home game this season. Allen led the league in sacks last year with 15 1/2 despite missing two games because of a suspension.

So if he plays Denver who ya rooting for?