September 16, 2008

Sports Got no Life

I was surfing around this evening and read this gem. I almost signed up for the sports fan site to tell the guy he doesn’t know jack about diabetes.

But what is to be gained? So some sports dude with a grudge against McDs wants to blame it on Jay Culter. I could point out that as an NFL quarterback I bet he gets his fair share of exercise every week, maybe extra on Sundays. That T1 is not T2 and yatta yatta yatta

But so what? I wish the world was more aware of diabetes and the distinction of the two types and all that. It isn’t. So Jay gets a bum rap from this clown and got away with a bum call on Sunday. So what?

It just doesn’t matter. What matters is that I do something positive with what I know. So I am going to work on encouraging the diabetics here to focus on the life part of their lives. Today that means being enthusiastic about Delaney starting field hockey and Connor getting to playing Bob Cratchit. Then I should go walk on the treadmill so I don’t get type 2. That is real life.

Dude on the sports site should get one.


  1. Followed the link, got a "site down for improvements" page. Could someone have tossed the owner/author a clue-by-four?

  2. Well that infuriated me. I posted lengthy comments on three sites that had posted their asinine commentary about Cutler and his Mickey D's commercial. You're a better person than me for withholding, but I couldn't resist commenting on the stupidity of their dribble. Will it matter or will they get it? Uh, probably not, but at least I feel better for having said something.

  3. So aggravating. Actually, although we don't visit McD often, last time we were there I noticed that they have the carb count for every food in the Happy Meal right on the package - that's information that's helping me keep my kid healthy - mark me down as a new fan!!!