January 22, 2009


We had a dietitian visit at our quarterly check up last week. We hadn’t been seen by a dietitian in 5 years, since Connors diagnosis.

It was kind of funny.

Connor had a rocking A1C, 6.4 nice work on his part. ‘Laney was up a little but with adolescence coming on, up a little wasn’t bad.

Anyway the dietitian was a nice young woman who had no clue what she was in for.

“So Connor you had a really good A1C how do you count carbs?” - Dietitian

“I don’t.” - Connor

“What?!” - Dietitian

“We aren’t one of those scale families. We have one someplace but we never use it.” - Mom

“Well after 5 years you just kinda know how much stuff is.” - Connor

“You really shouldn’t guess.” - Dietitian

“6.4” Connor

We then digress into a large conversation about the relative number of carbs in different types of cereal, totally ignoring the poor earnest young dietitian. Connor is basing his numbers on his serving size that is significantly larger than Delaney’s. Then we launch into a rant about frosted Mini Wheat being way harder to bolus for than say Lucky Charms.

“Do you have a Calorie King?” – The dietitian is trying to get back in the game.

“Yeah” - “Some place.” - “It was good for going out to eat.” – “Haven’t seen it in ages” – All of us all at once.

“I have a new one I can give you.” – The dietitian is going for bribery, Nice move.


It’s a week later. I have no clue where it is.