January 21, 2009


Delaney is changing meters. It is about her choosing to have something different. I think that is more than enough.

She is now using WaveSense Presto meters at home. They came in the mail from forms we filled out at Friends for Life. WaveSense had way fun people and very cool light up flip flop necklaces at FFL.

There is a lot of technical gibberish that I could cover to say it is a good meter choice. Who cares about that stuff? She pokes her finger and it gives a number.

The Prestos came with colored meter pouches. She chose pink. That matters. In point of fact it is a whole lot easier to figure out which meter is hers and which is her brother’s if one is in a hot pink case.

Yeah we have a bunch of One Touch Mini’s and hers are pink. But you have to open the case to figure that out. With the One Touch, the color is all inside of a black case.

So what closed the deal for WaveSense was pink kit pouches and glowing flip flops.(She signed up for pink meters but somehow we didn't get any pink ones - so WaveSense if your out there send us pink ones!) I am fine with choosing based on trinkets. That makes the meter personal.

I wonder if any of the other meter companies get the idea that these are personal items for kids? I think most meters are designed by committees that look at charts and see metrics that there are a lot of type 2 adults. So they design for the numbers.

My dad and sister are part of those numbers of T2. Delaney uses more strips in a day than they combined use in a year.

Does what meter she uses matter? - Not much.

Does her making choices matter? - Tons.

So I’ll practice what matters, making choices, on stuff that can go either way, meters. She should make choices about her care. Choosing a different meter because she thinks it looks cool is as good a place to start as any. Most importantly she needs to see my support for her choices. Practice make perfect.

Tiger practices his swing. I'll look for way to practice being supportive of her choices.

She chose the meters that look cool. I'm all for it.

Pink is smart.


  1. As far as I know, Wavesense does not have alternate colors for their meters. Keynote meters are silver; Presto meters are blue. OneTouch did have a limited run of color-coded cases for UltraMinis, but my understanding is that they were difficult to find.

    Wavesense meters have nice small cases, small sample sizes, and fast response times. Consumables are less expensive than the major brands. In short, lots of smart reasons to choose the meters beyond the case. But if it's the pink case that helps her stay "compliant"... so much the better :)

  2. We have purple, red, lime green and black Presto meters. They showed even more colors at FFL in July.

  3. We were at the CWD conf. in Marco Island a couple of weeks ago. One Touch was there with all their minis and color cases to match. There's pink cases now.

    Maybe they're listening....

  4. Not sure how the pink didn't make it, but we're workin on it! ;)

  5. The meter is on it's way. Shoot me an e-mail at achen[at]agamatrix.com and I'll send you the tracking #.

    Hope she enjoys the meter!

  6. Bennett,
    Dont know if you will recall but we met at FFL 2008 in the Animas focus group, anyhow, I have a daughter (4 years old) whose meters looks are very important to. We use Aviva, for now, and we have stickers for it(free from the compnay) and I have taken iron on patches (maybe too little girly for your daughter?) butterflies and flowers to "decorate" the case and glued them on with fabric glue, as I do not sew! Anyhow, if your wife and/or daugher was feeling crafty, maybe this might be a choice to differentiate meters by case in your house.
    (did I babble enough?)
    Anyhow, glad she now has a pink meter!
    See you in Florida in 2009!
    -Trish, mom to Madilyn