January 20, 2009


I am having a little winter writers slump.

A lot of things play into it but the bottom line is I am just not feeling the muse. It happened last year at about the same time of year. Maybe there is a seasonal YDMV disorder. YDMV suffers from too much holiday activity and too little motivation to write in December and January.

Part of the problem is trying to come to terms with what I want YDMV to be and to write from that voice. I struggle with the reality that there are lots of outstanding people writing about diabetes. Does the world really need more blogs? Amy, Bernard, TuDiabetes, CWD, a couple of Scotts, Kerri and other are all great.

I want my not-so-little-anymore girl to grow up to be Kerri. Not literally, obviously, but with all the zany joie de vivre that happens around her life with type 1.

You see while I live near type 1, I don't live in it. Diabetes is and will always be a concern but some day it is moving out of the house. Everyday I try to work towards it moving out but being independently managed, if not mastered, as part of a bigger life.

It isn’t mine.

I’m a parent of kids with type 1. That, I think, is a far different thing than being type 1. I need reminding of that regularly. That is what YDMV does for me. So that is YDMV’s voice. I will try to get it back.

As a parent I hope for a cure. I don’t expect it is coming fast. I will try to stay up with the news of work towards cures because it helps to fuel that hope and I'll share some of what I see and I'll laugh at all the cured mice stories. Happy mice.

As a parent I need to guide, coach and lead. Yet none of those have any meaning without trust and space. Diabetes is just one of many things along the way I need to give space on.

I think on the mind game side of things one of the worst possible things diabetes can do is give parents one more reason not to let their kids grow up. I can’t let type 1 diabetes be an excuse for not letting the kids grow into their own zany joie de vivre.