January 2, 2009

y2k plus 9

So I just got off the phone with One Touch. Gotta give'm credit not only do the minis come in colors the meters are colorful in attitude too. One of our Minis decided that the new year was a good time for an error.

Not the gold old standby err 5, not enough blood, nope err 1. I had never heard of it and the documentation for these thing was tossed out three or four moves of the diabetes supply stash ago. (We keep thinking we have a better space for it all. There is no good space for it but hey that another story.)

So I called One Touch. They wrote the phone number on the back of the meter so I could easily call. Sadly it was so small that even with two sets of reading glasses I couldn't read it. But the stash contains many many boxes with their phone number so all was not lost. After a number of who are you and are you in our database kind of things they suggested taking the battery out and resetting it.


Why didn't I think of that? I mean I use Windows for goodness sake. Rebooting is a time honored practice around here.

Anyway it was fine after the reboot. They said it was an issue with New Years. OK. More of an issue than anything I saw at Y2K but a reboot was easy enough.

So if you Mini says err 1 try a reboot. Sorry ctl-alt-del is not an option.