March 18, 2009

iPhone, LifeScan and My Standard Rants

Wow nothing like mentioning iPhone in on your blog to generate some traffic. YDMV had unusually high traffic yesterday. Nice to know it is mention of a cool cell phone that the world wants to hear about and not the regular musings of a dad of T1 kids.

Very humbling. LOL

(But Hey iCan Learn! Look I have put iPhone in the title of this post!)

For those of you who are new to YDMV let me introduce my standard rants about T1 diabetes information. The data needs to be ours, as in the people managing diabetes. It needs to come in industry standard formats so that We the People can choose the data creation devices that promote our Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. We need choices in the tools to analyze our data from the devices we pick and all the tools and data should play nice together.

See Swimming in the Data Stream Looking for the UN and I would Like a Side Oder of Holy Grail

Yesterday’s iPhone and LifeScan news brought these points to mind but I didn’t articulate my them (my rants) well at all. The BG data moving into an iPhone is all well and cool but if it is a proprietary J&J deal it is part of the problem rather than being an expansion of diabetes care options.

Animas used to tout the fact that their ezMannager program could download all the major meter data. While the program was something less than wonderful the idea of open architecture was great. Look at an Animas pump now and it says OneTough right there on the front face where it doesn't say Animas any more. That and there isn’t the down load options there was. Sorry J&J but that is the wrong directions.

We the People Managing Type 1 need applications that play nice with others. To get it we should use the ever popular market forces and choose the suppliers that provide open systems. OK OK there aren’t any. But we can deal with the fact that the vendors will try to tie us to their products by speaking up.

Call your pump rep.
Call your meter company.
Write actual sail mail letters. (File> Print. LOL)
Ask for open data architectures.

Now this may mean your pump rep never calls you back, like our, but hey that tells you something doesn’t it?