March 24, 2009

Uglycemia Re-Defined

I am not being sarcastic, much.

I am considering a new definition of Uglycenia. I know I just coined the term yesterday. So the way I see it, the term is still in flux and I am allowed to play with the definition.

Here’s my new diagnosis, uglycemia is the condition that causes people, who don’t know Jack about diabetes, to weigh in on Type 1 care. Uglycemia is caused by either resistance to, or a lack of, compassion.

For example, the food police have a fairly common case of uglycemia. Sadly this form of uglycemia is highly contagious and is often spread by those in the news media who have a case themselves.

This fairly benign form of uglycimia is best defined by the mind’s resistance to compassion. As a result BS (and we are not talking about blood sugar here) builds up in the brain of the individual with uglycemia and causes lapses in cognitive capabilities. Complications from prolonged periods with elevated BS can be serious and even life threatening.

A rarer but more serious form of uglycemia is when the body completely stops producing compassion, a key hormone that helps the mind use knowledge. Knowledge rapidly builds up in the blood stream as it can not enter brain cells without compassion. Lacking the compassion to use knowledge the brain burns fathead cells for energy. A byproduct of burning fathead cells is BS. This BS rapidly becomes toxic causing the condition know as Dumb-arse Kook Atosis or DKA. If untreated with an injection of compassion DKA is rapidly fatal. (If not from internal damage it is often fatal from getting punched in the mouth that excessive BS leaks out of.)

An example of this more serious form of uglycemia are school officials who resort to inventing self serving 'rules' that fly in the face of the best practices outlines in Helping Students with Diabetes Succeed.

So there you have it: uglycemia is the condition marked by the build up of BS in the mind. As we have discussed there are two types: the more common resistance to compassion and more serious total lack of it.