May 8, 2009

Do as We say Not as We do

Ok parents, lets all raise our hands if we know that how we behave is more important than what we say when it comes to teaching our kids. If we watch what we eat they mimic the behavior. If we smoke they smoke. Language, accent, mannerisms - you name it, we do it they learn it. On the up side it can make you proud.

Caremark seems to have missed the mark. They think we need to do what they say not what they do. We should refrigerate insulin upon arrival. They don’t even insulate the shipment. Here is our latest (being returned) shippment.

Mrs YDMV called Lilly. They said it should be kept cold. They also said they were aware of some issues and were working on them. Nothing very speciffic mind you, more like mombo jumbo.


Specifically Eli Lilly has very clearly stated that they are opposed to middlemen “…whose interests are making money – not helping patients” when those middlemen are possibilities, that may happen, if the importation of Canadian drugs is allowed and hypothetical web vendors spring up. When the middleman is a huge, real, US Lilly customer, not so much.

Lilly says they are working on something. Thanks for that Mombo Jumbo but we still need insulin, every day as a matter of fact. Who know what they are working on. In the mean time their interest in making money selling Caremark insulin seems to be taking precedent over helping patients to follow Lilly’s FDA approved insulin handling instructions. Why do I say that?

Well - still no reply to my letter seeking some guidance on the matter.

OK maybe the truth is Lilly’s objection to Canadian imports was self serving PR double talk aka mombo jumbo. (Feel free to raise your hand on that too) If it isn’t double talk they need to stand up for patients and cut off middlemen who don't care about patients, like say - Caremark. If not then fess up and shut up about things like opening up Canadian imports.

At some point I think Big Pharma like Lilly needs to be held to their word. It may take a few of us consumers/customers/patients to do it.

I would love to hear from anyone who writes Lilly, Congress, or the FDA. I would love to hear about a reply even more.

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