May 12, 2009

Pain in the Butt can be a Shot in the Arm or Visa Versa

I went to see the first night of Kelley’s class Sr Project presentations. Sr Project is a very intense independent study elective at her school. Kelley was MC-ing the first nights presentations.

These kids are amazing.

About two thirds of the way through, I got a text about diabetes care. I was only planning on staying for one presentation but they were so good I was in for the whole thing. But there was the text: ‘Where should Delaney put her new set, Butt or Arm?’

We have shifted her sets to her arm recently. It took some effort on her part to screw up enough courage to change from her comfort zone, aka her tush. She was seeing uneven absorption and maybe that was because the available real estate for sets was getting over used.

She can’t do the arm sets by herself - yet. I texted back to wait and I would be home in a half hour to help do an arm set. She could chill. The cell phone turns out to be a great tool for helping minimize anxiety. I could reassure her that it was OK to wait, that she would get help and still catch the last presentation.

One of the common themes (clearly by design of the Sr Project class) is being pushed outside of their comfort zones and let them experience the benefits of a stretch. Going outside yourself to discover yourself is clearly the agenda. Parts of the class are clearly a pain in the butt but hearing them talk they clearly were proud of working past the anxiety. There I am texting about going outside your set comfort zone listening to students talk about stretching outside their comfort zones. A pain in the butt turns out to be a shot in the arm.

For T1 kids that is true both literally and figuratively. Delaney isn't waiting to Sr year of highschool to learn that.

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