May 26, 2009

IPhone 3.0 and Life Scan Behind the Scenes

I still get a fair number of hits from iPhone 3.0 diabetes searches. If you missed the edit after the edit on the original iPhone post here at YDMV, this is the back story:

The Ap at the the 3.o show "was of a prototype application that LifeScan created specifically for the event to show what medical devices can do when connected with iPhone 3.0. Detmers stressed that the demo was not meant to represent a fully-defined commercial product that is imminent. Apple asked LifeScan just a few weeks ago to create a prototype for the event and LifeScan was all too happy to participate, but a product like the one shown is not on the verge of a commercial launch."

update Sept 21 2010 Sanofi/WaveSense announce iBGStar 

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