September 9, 2009

CGM Tip: Don't Loose Transmiter.

Tonight is new sensor night. Connor took off his CGM Borg connection and tossed it on the counter.

"Hey don't loose that the transmitter is still in there."

"Oh right." Oh right is a reflex action with a teen and does not signify comprehension, "I'm hungry"

"I'm making dinner. 15 minutes."

"Oh right - I'm hungry now."

"You still gonna want dinner."

"Yeah." Walking out with a bowl of food, "I'm gonna do homework."

Less than two minutes passes. He is back lookin' around the counters, "You seen my thing."



"You just had it."

"I lost it."

Fourteen minutes of looking, with repeated searches of a smelly trash can. I found it right next to the Lucky Charms.

I swear you can't make up this stuff.

1 comment :

  1. All new members of the Borg collective experience these issues. Once they're fully assimilated hopefully the time you spend rooting in trash cans will significantly reduce!