September 23, 2009

From The News Wire: Bayer Contour USB

(My review)

Bayer announced a new meter with a built in USB plug. It looks kinda cool. Groovy color screen. Smallish. I like the idea of getting rid of cables particularly the proprietary ones.

With this and the game based meter* Bayer seems to be kicking up some meter innovation. I like that Bayer and WaveSense with their iPhone app** are getting outside the typical meter box.

On a side note: Bayer if you are listening I would love to see you guys all back at FFL.

From their press release:

Bayer Diabetes Care today announced U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance to market the CONTOUR® USB blood glucose meter. Bayer’s CONTOUR USB is the first and only blood glucose monitor that plugs directly into a computer providing users with instant access to information that can help optimize diabetes management. The CONTOUR USB meter is integrated with Glucofacts™ DELUXE software for easy retrieval of data as well as longer-term tracking and analysis of blood glucose test results.

There is a dedicated web page at:

Also Here at YDMV:
*bg on ds no bs
**wavesense iphone app first impressions

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