September 25, 2009

Newbie Week at Diabtes Daily

Our friends over at Diabetes Daily are running series of post for the Newly Diagnosed.

In that spirit I offer up YDMV's collection of newbie posts.

Here are YDMV short bits and tips for newbies. Hopefully I can pass on some mildly useful advice with a bit of humor to help folks new to type 1 or at least give’m a small chuckle.

Listen up Newbie!
Newbie Advice: The Long Run
Newbie Advice I: Insulin Resistance
Newbie Advice II: Pain in the Alliteration
A Little Help From Your Friends
A Little (More) Help From Your Friends
Newbie Advice III – Why aren’t we in The Caymans?
Newbie Advice IV: Never Buy a Meter

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