August 10, 2010


Thanks to all the people who bring blessings into my life. That is how blessings come. Folks bring theirs and share them.

The Diabetes Community is just bursting at the seams with blessing.  Active caring people who share their lives and experiences. Not from a sense of superiority but from humility. Not as perfect diabetics or parents but as folks who share lessons learned in the process of trying to be better themselves by reaching a hand out to others.

While the diabetes community seems to be all about, well, diabetes it is really about life. I think for the most part we all get that. Our connection is through a chronic condition and through that connection we share the lives, values and loves that are what really define each of us.

We don’t talk much about religion, I think it is avoided to be politically correct. In a lot of ways that is silly. At its core religion is about life and the life of religion is to do good. Sharing lessons learned is a good thing and we are drawn into communities by doing it.

If there is a God, and I think there is, then God is infinite. Infinite wisdom, infinite love. God shares some small parts of that wisdom and love with each of us. I think ‘a part of infinite’ is actually a very difficult thing for our minds to process. The ratio of anything to infinity is zero but life isn’t about us verses the infinite it about us learning from the infinite.  I believe wisdom is the ability to learn what is true and apply it to life.

I do think we can count our blessings. I think on the eve of its start now is a good time to reflect on the many gifts that have been brought to my life by people who open their lives to blessing from God through Ramadan.

Thanks for sharing the blessing of friendship. May you be more deeply blessed each day.


  1. That was beautiful Bennet. Thank you for sharing yourself through YDMV. You are a blessing to other parents here in the DOC.

  2. what a great post. I think most don;t talk about religion because it is so personal that it's scary to put something so intimate out there for people to judge.

    I have found that every time I mention my beliefs that people respect and love me just the same. The OC is truly a family in that way. We can be different but we love each other no matter what each one believes.

    The blessings I get from the OC far outweigh what I can give back. I think that's the point, you want to help and be a blessing and you are rewarded 10 fold. I love that.

    Take care Bennet.

  3. Thanks for being a friend of mine. I count you among my blessings.

  4. Wonderful post B - I'm blessed to have you & all the other DOCers in my life!

  5. That was beautiful.

    Thank you so much....I also believe in an infinite, loving God.

    And I believe that He has a plan...finding your post wasn't a coincidence.

    God bless.

  6. I thought we didn't talk about religion because it brings all of the crazy nuts out of the woodwork? :-)

    This post is deeper than it seems Bennet, and I thank you for sharing it with us.

    Life is full of infinite blessings, that is for sure.