August 5, 2010

K2 is many things,

confused about HFCS is not one of them.

I am a big fan of Kelly. She is open, honest, funny, and passionate.

Big Corn has people out there tweeting away on the high fructose corn syrup is fine in moderation band wagon. No doubt they are highly paid media professionals. Well actually the people tweeting are probably low paid but ambitious up and coming Don Draper wannabes who's bosses are getting well paid for the tweets.

Kelly has a word or two for these HFCS shills. Well OK more than more or two.  I am willing to bet if it was only a word or two moderate wouldn't be a description of them.

So folks I ask you this simple question. Who ya gonna believe?  Paid tweets by Don Draper wannabes or someone who has lived the life of a pancreas providing insulin to cover sugars.

One will tell you first hand what those poor beta cells go through when washed in HFCS. The other sells HFCS to put in your pasta sauce.

Come to think why believe either. Why not simply look at the issue with an open mind. Look past pithy tweets and the adds on TV.

It is your life. You can choose what matters.  Maybe it is worth reading more deeply than a few tweets and TV ads. You can be many things, confused needn't be one of them. Maybe the place to start is with food labels.  How many of the things on the shelf have HFCS in them.

What is moderate? - Wait that's Kelly's point in the first place.


  1. I shouted many a thing at the TV when I saw the "moderation" commercial recently.

    Go K2! Let em have it.

  2. I missed that commercial. Kelly, thank you for advocating against this stuff. I just wish more companies would start listening. I knew about the dangers years ago, thanks to my wonderful wife. Keep spreading the word, HFCS is NOT the same as sugar.

  3. "Moderation" my a$$!
    Thanks for the shoutout & the kind words B!

  4. Um, yeah, gonna have to side with K2 on this one...