August 17, 2010

Too Sweet Boutique

One of the glorious thing about the online community are the friends you have never met. Two of mine are folks I have the pleasure of knowing through CWD's forums. In fact I am always somewhat stunned and (I know this is difficult to believe) at a loss for words when I meet someone in real life. (Like Penny at camp.)

I has been a while but Nick but I used to try to make each other laugh over there. That is my way of saying I would stalk his posts and give him a hard time before he could do the same to me.

So I was delighted to get an email from him complaining that he couldn't figure out how to post wise-aleck comments here at YDMV. Apparently the redesign has had unintended benefits.

Anyway as much fun as it was to catch up it was more awesome to see his wife expanding her online creativity and to catch a picture of a very cute young lady modeling some cool custom pump gear. So with that as a very meandering introduction please go have a look at 


  1. You, Bennet, at a loss for words? I can hardly believe it! We had a Dcamp meet-up and I can't believe I recognized you from photos only!
    And oh yes, LOVE those pump packs - they are exactly what every little girl looks for in pumpwear.

  2. Yeah well did I even manage to get out any decipherable words? No.