August 25, 2010

Infusion Site Temporary Tattoos

Our pals at Accu-Chek are promoting awareness of good pump site management. Infusion Sites even get their own awareness week. It is next week for those of you who haven't planned your festivities yet. I think it should be key-lime pie awesomeness week but I don't get to pick weeks. (I do have a daughter who makes KILLER key-lime pie and I am due. We shall not speak of its carb count.)

But I'm here to help with your Infusion Set Awareness Week family fun activities pie not withstanding. Families, a word that here means parents, need all the remotely positive/fun ways of promoting good type 1 care habits they can get. One habit that can stand a little positive reinforcement is set management. I will concede that this is about as exciting as tire rotation and is the same basic principal.

Accu-Chek sent me their Infusion Set Awareness Week kit! WoHoo.  I am happy to spread the wealth around, in the form of temporary tattoos. Yes nothing says Infusion Set Awareness Week like temporary tattoos. The idea is kids can mark set sites and see where they have harpooned themselves.

So readers is this sounds like a fun way to celebrate Infusion Set Awareness Week (actually there are 24 in a set so anyway you cut it that's well more than a weeks worth) in your household drop an email with your snail mail (please don't put you address in a comment - internet trolls etc....) to bennet(AT)YDMV(dot)net.

Supplies are limited. First come first serve. When they are gone they are gone. Your child may look like an over decorated pin cushion.  Your Diabetes May Vary.


  1. I've seen these before - so stinkin' cool!

  2. I blogged about these on Monday, and got my box in the mail on Tuesday! So going to use these tattoos once I got back on my pump next week!